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Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what you will find here in your membership site. Please feel free peruse the site and definitely let us know if you have any questions.

Main Training Area – To your right you will see the sidebar where “Training” is printed at the top of one of the columns. I suggest that unless you have a pressing need for a particular copywriting element, that you go through the introduction and modules in order from top to bottom.

Bonuses – To the right of the training column are your bonuses. You can go through them in any order, but I do recommend that you listen to the first overview audio before listening to the entire audio training from the retreat center. In this area you also have articles,  tons of sample salesletters both regular, video, and email, plus headline formulas and quotations.

Resources – Below the Training and Bonus Columns you have loads of resources. . .  books, plugins, samples, programs and tools to help you write fantastic salesletters.

Throughout the Site – You’ll find links to extra samples of all kinds of copywriting techniques, and other training I know would be beneficial to you and yes, I’m an affiliate for some of them. You can be sure though I’m not going to ruin my reputation by recommending something to you that’s no good just so I can get an affiliate commission.

Now get busy learning how to write words that get people to pull their wallets out of their pockets and give you money!