One simple skill can make you rich

“How to Sell 300% More From Your Next Sales Letter Than You Did From Your Last 10 SaleLetters Combined”

Internet Multi-Millionaire Reveals the Secret to His Success

If you’ve ever been envious of all the product launches and big money claims from people most likely dumber than you, then this may be the most important letter you ever read. I’ve made a fortune and kept lots of it because I could easily create the words that make people want to give me money.

I’m talking about “copywriting” . . . and that’s NOT “copyrighting” like you do when you want to protect yourself from people stealing your work. I’m talking about writing, or saying words on video that make people desperate to have what you’re selling.  . . . This is the number one skill that’s made me rich.

You’re in the right place if you are:

  • An online marketer who wants to dramatically increase your income,
  • A writer who actually wants to earn money rather than be broke all the time, or
  • A businessperson who is tired of spending a fortune on poor quality copy and wants to bring it in house or do it yourself.

So who the heck am I?

My name is Tom Antion and I’m NOT a professional copywriter. I’m just a guy who has sold over $20,000,000.00 for myself both offline and online using both spoken and written copy. I have no idea of how many millions that I’ve helped my students make so I won’t claim a figure here (see below).

I’m also a business person who doesn’t blow money paying for things that can easily be learned. I’m certain I’ve saved at least a million dollars in cash by writing my own copy. This doesn’t count the value of lost time I’ve saved by not having to explain what I want to a copywriter. . .  and then telling him/her about the mistakes. . .  and then waiting forever to get the rewrites as I’m certainly not their only client.

Watch Out for Inflated Claims

If you do hire someone to write, you have to watch out for copywriters who brag about how much they’ve sold for their clients. . . . I’m not taking anything away from them if they do good work, . . . but a lot more goes into sales than the copy so the copywriter certainly can’t take all the credit for the money that came in.

What I want to know is how much they brought in to their own bank account selling things directly to the public and to other businesses. To me that’s way more impressive than taking credit for someone else’s business success.

So, how many people that are selling copywriting courses have sold $20,000,000.00 of their own stuff? Not very many I suppose, but I have and it’s all verifiable. In fact, when people come to my retreat center the first thing we do is show my “actual” bank statements going back at least 10 years …..or till people get sick of seeing the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month that I’m taking in and they’re not.

Another thing to watch out for is how ripoff copywriters fool you.

There are three ways:

  1. They simply lie about their financial success using  Photoshop to make fake scans of their Clickbank, PayPal and other financial statements,
  2. They give you real sales figures, but omit all the expenses it took to get those sales figures. I.E. they make it “look” like they made money when they actually “lost” money.
  3. They get people to give them fake testimonials.

Don’t fall for any of these ploys.

By Gaining this Skill You Can “Write” Your Own Ticket

It’s pretty simple.

A. You can write to sell your own stuff.

B. You can write for others for pay (and sometimes a percentage of their sales).


Being able to write copy is like having your own ATM machine right at your fingertips.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about bills and start thinking about all the fun things you can buy when you know you can generate cash at will? Being able to copywrite is pretty much like having an ATM machine on the keyboard of your computer.  . . . You put in words and money comes out.  Pretty cool right?

Whether you Love or Hate Writing You Can Make a Fortune Knowing the Techniques That Make People Buy

If you love writing and you love words, you’ll love this course. If you don’t really like to write, I’ll also tell you below how to use what you find here to bring in the bucks.

If you have a love affair with words, you can use copywriting to finance your other creative writing projects. Why have the pressure of rent, house payments, car payments, and all your other bills when you could be easily paying them with copywriting income. This will free your mind so you can be great at the kinds of writing you really enjoy.

You Don’t Need to Be a Great Writer

I pretty much write like I talk and I’m absolutely sure my English teacher would not give me an “A” in grammar if they read one of my salesletters.  . . . But guess what? My English teach is not my target market. The people in my target market give me an “A+” every time they buy one of my products or services.

You don’t even have to write one word if you don’t want to.You could simply record a bunch of ideas about your product and give this course to an assistant or outsourcer and let them put the letter together for you. It will still be a ton cheaper and faster than hiring a pro who may have ten clients bigger than you that month.


I’ve been using words to build my businesses and profit since 1994. Tom Antion’s copywriting901 is the best complete compilation of copy writing tips and tools I’ve ever seen!

I’ve been learning from Tom for 10 years now, and I’m thrilled that he has put all of his immense “words that sell” knowledge into one immediately useable resource.From step-by-step instructions on every single piece of a sales letter all the way to Tom’s “Super Tips & Theories” and everything in between – you can put this to use and profit right away.

My advice? Go get this stuff and go use this stuff now – ONLY if you’re interested in using the right words in the right way at the right time to persuade and sell your stuff.

Jeff Herring, Content Marketing and Internet Strategist

Having Money and the Ability to Get More Any Time You Want, Beats the Heck Out Of Not Having Money

“Money won’t buy happiness”. You’ve heard that asinine saying all your life haven’t you? I hear crazy stories all the time about the lottery winner who lost everything and claims the money was a curse, or the super rich person who’s on Xanax and incessantly taking selfies because they just can’t cope with the pressure of keeping three Bentley limos stocked with caviar or some other such horses**t.

Just because those people were dumba**es and never had any sense in the first place doesn’t mean the money itself is bad. And if they think they’re unhappy now, let’s put them under a railroad bridge with no running water, no bathroom and let them cook and stay warm with a fire in a 55 gallon drum.

I’m telling you, people don’t know how good they have it. . . .Well, I do and I appreciate the opportunities we all have to make as much money as we want. Getting the skills I’m teaching in this course means you could buy caviar and Bentley’s if you want, but  . . .  and let’s come back down to earth for a moment . . . what it really means is that if you get the ability to write words that sell, you can work wherever you want, create a fabulous and financially secure lifestyle for you and your family.  . . . AND have all the time in the world to spend with them.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen to You Without This Information?

NOTHING! . . . No inquiries, No traffic, No sales. Do you really want to slave away trying to run your business . . .  that you’re probably very good at . . . just to hear the crickets chirping with nobody buying your products and services?

. . . Now that I think of it there is something worse that could happen. Somebody that’s a great copywriter, but really sucks compared to you when it comes to their products and services, steals your business simply because they know how to create desire in people.

Won’t you just cringe when THEY drive by in YOUR new car, or when they’re hardly around because they take tons of days off and have money to burn.

Or the absolute worst. . . when they call you up and ask you, “How’s business?” . . . Aaaaaaargh!!!

If you don’t want that to happen to you and you do want to learn how to write “Killer” copy quickly and easily, then, like I said earlier, you’re in the right place.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to get people to buy NOW . . . You don’t want to wait forever for your money do you? Neither do I.
  • The number 1 way to add credibility and believability to a sale or promotion  . . . this technique could sell ten times the cost of this course in the first hour.
  • How to make the cost of your product “appear” so stupidly low that people would think they must be crazy not to buy it.
  • An exact formula to insert stories and case studies into your copy . . . you can push emotional buttons and insert highly believable facts and figures with this simple technique.
  • 20 Simple theories and techniques you MUST know . . . so what you write and how you write it creates maximum impact.
  • An exact fill-in-the-blank formula to make sure people read every word of your letter . . . with this technique they won’t be able to help themselves.
  • How to use other people’s work to make you a fortune . . . And they won’t care even if they know about it. . . probably because they did the same thing.


That’s a lot of good stuff isn’t it? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet because you’ll also learn:

  • A hundred year old Russian Principle . . . that makes it impossible for people NOT to click
  • How to test your copy for maximum results . . . in only five minutes you’ll learn how to take your first salesletter to new levels of sales you never could have imagined.
  • About a tool that will help you create so many worldclass headlines for your product or service that the hardest part will be picking which one to try first.
  • How to write your salesletter so that Crazy Busy Skimmer People OR slow to decide, deeply analytical people will buy.  . . . one simple to implement concept will please both types.
  • How to add FAQ’s, Top Ten Lists and Text Boxes to your copy . . . You can sneak in lots of additional benefits about your products with these time tested salesletter elements.
  • A secret bonus technique virtually guaranteed to increase sales . . . you almost NEVER hear someone talking about this underground sales producing weapon.
  • The proper way to add bonuses and how you can make people buy your entire promotion just to get the bonuses.


Do you really think I would quit here? I’m a fanatic for extra value. Look what else you’ll get:

  • Over 9 hours of video training . . . I’ve added all the nuances that can mean the difference between riches and the poor house.
  • 25 Salesletter elements . . . any one of which can blow up your sales.
  • My philosophy on “calls to action”  . . . It’s against conventional wisdom, but it could make you a fortune and make returns and refunds almost non-existent.
  • Details of email subject lines . . . you’ll learn how to write them so they get the darn thing opened.
  • A Primer on super short copy . . . when you only have a tiny space, your words better be good!
  • 10 Types of video sales letters . . . you’ll see lots of samples you can emulate immediately.
  • 1 simple age old technique that still works today . . . if you know how to change it from “old school” to “new wave”.


Writing sales copy is both an art and a science.

With my method you will combine salesletter supertheories (the art) to immediately usable techniques (the science) to create a powerful unstoppable sales machine.

You’ll learn powerful techniques that could have money pouring in your front door a couple hours after you get the course.

Joan Stewart tight crop 110 x 110

Under The Publicity Hound brand, I’ve created and sold more than 150 products and services—several hundred thousand dollars worth–the last 20 years, using Tom’s killer copywriting techniques for ezines, sales letters, email marketing, digital products, shopping cart upsells and many more.

In a world overrun with shysters, scam artists and spammers, Tom is the most ethical Internet marketer I know and the very best copywriting teacher. If you have a product or service the world needs and you’re willing to work hard, he’ll show you how to write and work smart. There’s no better teacher than the undisputed King of Ka-Ching.

Joan Stewart

Look what else I cover:

  • How to build your own checklist of copywriting elements . . . you’ll be able to crank out high quality letters that make you money FAST.
  • How to use “scare tactics” (it’s not as bad as it sounds) without being an obnoxious a**hole . . . Fear moves people to action and puts lots of money in your bank account.
  • What to do with the P.S. section of your letter . . . you can really increase sales with this one simple element.
  • How to write e-mail salesletters . . . they are a different animal altogether and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the entire promotion is a waste of time.
  • How to write Squeeze page copy . . . learn the basics of getting people to opt in to your list.
  • Infographic salesletters . . . the copy is the same, but the look is different.
  • How to Sell with Free Ecourses . . . this is the easiest kind of product to create.


I don’t quit do I? You’ll get even more stuff that will make you money:

  • Where to find hundreds of samples . . . you’ll never be stuck thinking up a format for your letter ever again.
  • How to Stop or at least reduce shopping cart abandonment . . . your copy will keep people excited all the way until they complete the sale.
  • How to add drama and emotional language to push people’s buttons so they push the “Add to Cart” button.

And of course, like any of my products….you’ll get much, much more!

This course can be completed conveniently online. . . You can study anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

You get over 9 hours of serious, professional level, yet easy to implement copywriting training . . . and that’s just in the main course and doesn’t even count the bonuses (see below)

This course is packed with proven tips for overcoming the toughest challenges you face every day when trying to sell products and services. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for a 2 minute video, a sixteen page salesletter or a 140 character tweet or pay per click ad. I’ve got something for you.

This course is modestly priced at $347.00 and we’ll even finance it for you with ZERO interest to help you out. This is only a drop in the bucket compared to what you can earn off just one sales letter you write for someone else. If you write for your own product you could literally sell tens of thousands of dollars over time with just one letter. . . . Or you might sell millions like I have.

Also, consider the fact some people are charging $5000.00 or more for courses not as good as this one. AND consider the fact that some people are charging $15,000.00 plus a percentage of sales for just one salesletter…..That’s batpoop crazy, when there’s no doubt they are using the same techniques I’m teaching you in this course.


Tom Antion has done it again with Copywriting 901. In his typical fashion of over delivering, Tom has not only provided beginners and professionals with a valuable resource, but has also included a lifetime’s worth of experience in online sales and marketing experience in this “monster course.”

I told him he could charge 10 times the measly price he’s asking, but he refused to take my advice because he wants to get this information into the hands of as many entrepreneurs and online marketers as possible.

You’ll learn not only basic and advanced copywriting strategies, but closely guarded secrets of internet gurus, such as lead tracking, split testing, and sales psychology principles. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, click “BUY” now before Tom changes his mind and charges you the thousands of dollars this course is really worth. You’ll thank me immediately!

Lawrence J. Clark, PhD


We’ll Finance it for you or give you a big cash discount.  .  . Your choice!

If you need help with financing, no problem. Just put $99 down and make 3 easy payments of  $82.67. Zero Shipping (because you get instant access to this all digital course) and Zero Interest.

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In this course you’ll learn the secrets great copywriters use to virtually command people to send them money. You’ll see real world copy that’s made me millions and other samples that have made hundreds of millions for people not nearly as smart as you. In fact, many are probably much dumber than you when it comes to actual abilities. What’s the difference? They took action.

Invest in your education today and make and save a ton of money which means you will be in control of your destiny and your most precious treasure . . . your time.

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This is really the Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy “Write Words That Make People Want To Give Them Money” Advice Ever Crammed Into One Product

If you’re really serious About Wanting To Write Words That Make People Want To Give You Money, Then You Must Have This Course! This is the Path to Putting Lots More Cash In Your Bank Account! Guaranteed… Or Your Money Back! (see full guarantee below)

First Check Out these
7 Spectacular Bonuses:


44 Minute Audio Overview of Copywriting Elements – This MP3 file that you can listen to either online or on the go will give you a primer to most of the major elements that go into a sales letter (A $29.95 value)


3.5 Hours of Live Audio Training Direct from The Exclusive Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center . . . Again, listen online or download the MP3’s (People pay $7995.00 to study with me in my Virginia Beach Estate plus $50,000.00 out of there profits so this is PRICELESS


65 of My Online Salesletter Samples . . . Both written and on Video . . . These letters have made me millions of dollars and using the ethical copycat technique from this course this section alone could make you a small fortune. (More than Priceless)


43 of my E-mail Salesletter Samples . . . You’ll extract the idea, plop in your own copy, and have e-mails that sell in no time flat. (Pretty Darn Priceless)


13 Copywriting Articles only before seen by my high end mentor students. (I’ll be adding to this section over the course of your lifetime membership. (Priceless +)


21 Proven Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Formulas . . . No guesswork for you. You’ll be able to make worldclass headlines two minutes after clicking into this section (Priceless ++)


16 of My Favorite Copywriting Quotations . . . Not only are these clever, each one drives home a lesson that could make you millions (Priceless +++)

PLUS you’ll get 33 hand-picked resources with more coming all the time.

To Recap You Will Get:

  • 25 in-depth video discussions of critical copywriting elements that must go in every serious salesletter you write.
  • 26 time-tested principles and theories designed to get them to reach in and pull their wallet out.
  • 9 + Hours of video training
  • 65 Sample Salesletters
  • 44 Sample Email Salesletters
  • 33 + Resources
  • An education that could change the course of your business and your life

And when you get to know me you’ll know that you get a ton more than is listed on this page.

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P.S. Remember: This will be one of most profitable skills you’ll gain in your entire business career!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?
A: I suggest you print out the basic salesletter structure. Then go through the videos in order and make yourself a checklist of elements that go into a sales letter.

Q: Can I really sell things with an old style sales letter.
A: Who said this training was “old style”? Yes, we use more video these days and yes we pay attention to shorter attention spans, but most of these psychological techniques have worked for 100 years and still work today.

Q: How long will it take me to make money?

A:  First of all it’s unethical and probably illegal for me to predict income. I will tell you the answer that everyone hates……It depends.

If you have products ready to go and a salesletter already selling, the things you learn in this course could improve your sales in a matter of hours. If you’re starting from scratch and working part time on this, it could take you a week or more just to go through the training.

The fastest way to make money with this would be to apply what you learn to selling an affiliate product. That way you don’t have to spend the time developing your own product. Or, you could write for other people and start making money immediately.


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