affiliate sales tips


On this page I’m going to give you a bunch of ways you can make more sales as an affiliate. They are in no particular order.

You will sell more:

    • By concentrating and endorsing one product at a time rather than by giving people too many choices to think about all at once.


    • By actually using the product or service so you can more enthusiastically endorse it.


    • By prominently displaying banners on the first screen of your website as opposed to burying the banner too low on the page.


    • By sending more than one email to your opt in list (no spam)


    • By making YouTube videos based on keywords related to “copywriting”, such as “sales copy”, “how to write a sales page”,”how to write a headline”,  “ad copy”, “promo copy”, “how to write a brochure”, “How to Script a Sales Video”, etc.


    • By showing/telling how to use the product.


    • By showing/telling the benefits of having the product.


    • By adding your own bonuses if the person buys through your affiliate link.


    • By adding affiliate links to your “Thank You” pages.


    • By adding affiliate links to your “Opt in Confirmation Pages”.


    • By adding affiliate links to entry and exit pop ups.


    • By embedding affiliate links in the body of articles as you speak of the benefits of having such a product or service.


    • By putting affiliate links in your bio blurb of related articles.


    • By putting affiliate links in your handouts at speaking engagements.


    • By putting affiliate links in your PowerPoint at speaking engagements.


    • By posting flyers with affiliate links.


    • By sending postcards with affiliate links.


    • For telephone sales or while doing radio or TV publicity or podcasts or on CD’s  make an easy to say and remember link to a page on your website. Put your affiliate links on that page.


    • By putting affiliate links on your top exit pages.


    • By asking or paying someone to post your affiliate link on their site or YouTube Channel


    • By adding affiliate links to your social media posts and tweets.


    • By using PPC  and other Advertising if the conversion rate is high enough on the product’s salesletter.


    • By placing affiliate links in your printed books.


    • By cloaking your links. If you don’t know what this mean, then don’t worry about it.


    • By making blog postings about the product and including your affiliate link.
    • By writing an honest review of the product
    • By putting affiliate links on 404 Error Pages.
    • By getting permission to give away a copy of the product in a contest to create buzz for the product.
    • By making a “How to Use It” guide either written or on video.
    • By Carefully promoting on Craigslist and Ebay and only if you know the tricks on how to do it.

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